Ian Mitchell King is a highly educated man. He earned his Bachelor's in Political Science from the renowned University of Southern California (USC). Afterward, he completed his Master of Business Administration degree and achieved a high GPA. Mitchell then graduated from Law School at the University of San Diego, becoming a Merit Scholar. The scholarship he received provided 75 percent of his tuition costs.

He is regarded as one of America's most outstanding veterans. He is most proud of his military service, where he was an Enlisted Infantry Marine and a Lieutenant in the Navy. His military achievements were numerous, but he is most pleased to be named a Marine Corps Company Honor Man. Furthermore, he graduated from the School of Infantry at the top of his class, which was an outstanding achievement. He was also given a commendable promotion.

During Ian King's military career, he received various essential accolades, including being a US Navy Officer Candidate School Honor Graduate, Navy LT Public Affairs Advisor to an Admiral, and Navy LT Pentagon Staff Member for the Secretary of Defense, to name a few.


Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King is a non-practicing lawyer and business consultant based in Studio City, California. He has also served in the military.